Female Songwriters Day

On International Womens Day, 8th of march

Apply for university points

A new collaboration between Musikmakarna (SWE) and Novia University of Applied Sciences (FIN) makes it possible for you to earn 4 European Credit Points while creating music and attending workshops / seminars through the Female Songwriters Day Initiative.

This is a bonus, completely voluntarily and free of charge!

Deadline for applying is February 6th. Registration is extended until February 10!

How to apply for university points:

  1. Click here to reach the Female Songwriters course page at Novia
  2. Click the red “Register” button
  3. Click the “Register” button next to “Login”, fill in your details and set your password. 
    (Note that “Post Office” is the same as “City”)
  4. Confirm by clicking the red “Register” button
  5. On the confirmation page, click “I have read and agree to the terms” and then on the red “Confirm” button (Note: The course is free of charge, you can disregard the text about costs on this page)
  6. Done! You are now registered and participant of the course.

After submitting your song to us you have fulfilled your tasks and will be rewarded with a diploma and 4 European Credit Points, valid globally.